Calibration Division
The company has a Calibration Division for  Calibration of Electro-Technical Test and Measuring Instruments. The lab is capable of Calibrating a wide range of Instruments, to name a few, Volt Meters A.C./D.C., Ammeters A.C./D.C., Capacitance Meters, Resistance Meters, Multimeter’s, Clamp Meters, Insulation Resistance Test meters, High Voltage Tester, Power Meters, Phase Angle measuring Instruments, Frequency Meters, Temperature Meters (Thermocouple & RTD Type) and many other Instruments both Analog as well as Digital. The Calibration is Traceable to International / National Standards.
Fluke 5500A Multi product Calibrator
Fluke 5100B Multi Product Calibrator
Slip Gauge Set ( Grade 0 )
Tektronix SG 503 Levelled Sine wave Generator
Fluke 87-IV, 4 ˝ Digital Multimeter
Escorts 3146A 5 ˝ Digital Multimeter
Motwani LR – 2045 Digital Micro Ohm Meter
Fluke 80K-40 H.V. Probe
Fluke 80K-6 H.V. Probe
AECPL Std. Resistance Box
SIGMA Standard Resistance Box
SIGMA Meg Ohms Box
Toshniwal TIPL PL – 33.08 Decade Resistance box
Agronic CDB-6 Decade Capacitance box
Kyoritsu KEW 2003A AC / DC Digital Clamp Meter
Escorp Glass Thermometer
Dimple Glass Thermometer
Kwality Glass Thermometer
Kwality Glass Thermometer
IE SR-3S Standard Resistance Box
IE SR-5A Standard Resistance Box



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